We exist in the textile market since 1980. We have stock fabrics of the best wool-mills in Biella area, shown with a large choice at very special prices in our warehouse in Verrone (Biella-Italy).

Our ain is to always supply ready fabrics of excellent quality, at prices absolutely convenient for our customer.

We buy the stock fabrics from the most well known wool-mills of Biella area, that produce qualities of undisputed value, famous all over the world.

The worsted and mixed cashmere fabrics are, on the market, our most requested articles.

Stock fabrics are the pieces remaining usold at the end of the season or taken from samples, that we buy in Biella area. The quality is always 100% super 100's and super 120's worsted wooland and pure or mixed cashmere.
Quantities are vailable starting from single pieces of at least 25 mts. till several hundreads of mts. per shade.

The weight can change from 220 grms. To 500 grms. Per mt.

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